Europes most advanced Digital Pharmacy

  • Best in class logistics in europe
  • Fully automated warehouse
  • Highest delivery quality
  • Digital marketing excellence
  • One of the fastest growing inline pharmacies
  • eRx as a strategic cornerstone for Apologistics
  • Extreme fairly priced products
  • Continuously developing new markets and improving our business
  • Sustainability is a key company goal for Apologistics
  • Goal: to become CO2 neutral
  • Electric and hybrid company cars
  • LEDs in the entire facility
  • Solar-Panels in preparation
  • State of the art trash sorting and handling
  • Bio-degradable packaging / filling material
Dirk Wappler
Dirk Wappler
CEO & Co-Founder
Nico Grunert
Nico Grunert
Daniel Bauer
Daniel Bauer
Head of HR
Christian Klossek
Christian Klossek
Head of IT
Carsten Werner
Carsten Werner
Head of Production
Christian Richter
Christian Richter
Head of Marketing
Robert Kudrass
Robert Kudrass
Head of regulatory affairs
Daniel Mühl
Daniel Mühl
COO (Duiven)
Anke Kirchner
Anke Kirchner
Head of customer service

Pharmaceutical market overview Germany

  • "Germany: highly attractive and rapidly changing healthcare market"
  • "eRx game changer for the industry" - We want to play a dominant role in this.
  • "Huge potential, just a small portion of Rx market shifted to online" - € 5 B shift from offline to online exprected
  • "The e-prescription will accelerate stationary pharmacy consolidation and ensure high online Rx growth."
  • "The issuing of follow-up prescriptions by pharmacists is highly advantage for online pharmacies"
  • "Half of sonsumers can imagine redeeming an e-prescription online"
  • "Manufacturers have the most positive attitude towards the introdution of the e-prescription"
  • "Clear winners of e-prescriptions will be online pharmacies"
  • Source: Dr.Kaske, eRx Study 2019
    Dr.Kaske specialized as a full-service marketing ogency for manufacturers, market research and pharmacies

Our Investors

THI Investments Logo

THI Investments is a single family office founded in January 2016 after divesting an 80 year-old family business. Our goal is to invest in a diversified portfolio of financial and company assets and grow them over the long term. We are entrepreneurs, industrialists and investors. Our companies are designed to adapt to and thrive on rapid global changes, such as digitisation, demographics, urbanisation and resource sustainability. Success is defined not only by the returns and growth we achieve – but also by how we achieve them.

THI Investments is values-driven because that’s the way its owners, management and team want it to be. Our partners’, co-investors’ and team members’ success is part of how we measure our performance. We manage risk through diversification, flexibility, execution excellence, partnership and a positive and optimistic outlook. We have the patience and the vision to realise success over the long term.

Our business partners

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Press Release

Apologistics announces partnership with THI Investments

Leipzig, 27 March 2018

Apologistics GmbH, a Leipzig-based logistics service provider for online pharmacies, announced a strategic partnership with THI Investments GmbH:

Founded in 2004, Apologistics is located close to DHL’s European logistics hub in Leipzig and operates an industry-leading, fully-automated logistics service centre for OTC (non-prescription) drugs and beauty & care products which can handle up to 8 million parcels per year. more

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Interview with Handelsblatt

Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, 30 November 2020

Deutsche Digitalapotheke nimmt es mit den ausländischen Branchenprimi auf
Als Betreiber der drittgrößten Versandapotheke in Deutschland hat Michael Fritsch ehrgeizige Ziele – und fürchtet weder die direkte Konkurrenz noch Amazon.

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